Vol 36(2020) N 3 p. 82-89; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2020-36-3-82-89
A.V. Gaeva1*, O.V. Gromova1, O.S. Durakova1, S.V. Generalov1, L.F. Livanova1, O.A. Volokh1

Determination of Specific Activity of Cholera Chemical Vaccine Components using Cell Culture

1Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute «Microbe» of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, Saratov, 410005

Received - 26.11.2019; Accepted - 15.05.2020


The methods has been described to determine the dynamics of toxin production by the Vibrio cholerae 569B strain during submerged cultivation in bioreactor and of the antigenic activity of specific choleragen anatoxin fraction by anatoxin binding levels using cell cultures. High degree of consistency was observed between the results obtained via the method under consideration and those obtained via control methods at different stages of cholera chemical vaccine production. It was shown that the CHO-K1 cell line is the most promising substitute for biomodels at the intermediate stages of control of active cholera chemical vaccine components. The developed methodological approach was first proposed for use at the stages of cholera chemical bivalent vaccine manufacturing.

cell culture, Vibrio cholerae, cholera chemical vaccine, production control, cholera.