Vol 34(2018) N 4 p. 83-88; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2018-34-4-83-88
Yu.K. Gavrilova*, S.V. Generalov, E.G. Abramova, L.V. Savitskaya, M.V. Galkina, A.V. Kochkin

Express Analysis of Activity of Anti-Rabies Serum and Anti-Rabies Immunoglobulin in Cell Cultures by Immunofluorescence Method

Russian Anti-Plague Research Institute «Microbe» of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, 410005, Saratov, Russia

Received - 07.06.2018; Accepted - 29.06.2018


The method for determining the level of antibodies to rabies virus (a fixed virus Moscow 3253 strain) in immune sera and a preparation of heterologous immunoglobulin by the immunofluorescence reaction in Vero or BHK-21 cell cultures has been improved. The use of the Vero culture seems preferable. The results were recorded using a fluorescent microscope. A high degree of correlation of the developed with the classical method of neutralizing the rabies virus on white mice was established. The suggested method permitted to significantly reduce the time of control testing, and also minimize the number of test animals required for the analysis of the biological characteristics of the anti-rabies immunoglobulin preparation. The method is recommended for use in control tests at the stages of the anti-rabies immunoglobulin manufacturing associated with the immunization of producing horses and obtaining of rabies serum, as well as for monitoring the specific activity of the final product.

rabies, rabies virus, neutralization reaction, immunofluorescence, cell culture, anti-rabies immunoglobulin, specific activity