Vol 34(2018) N 4 p. 67-77; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2018-34-4-67-77
R.M. Markevich1*, L.V. Yakimovich2

A Preparation of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Changes Technological Characteristics of Clay

1Belarusian State Technological University, 220006, Minsk Belarus
2Republican Design Unitary Enterprise «MedBioPharmProekt», 220000, Minsk Belarus

Received - 15.02.2018; Accepted - 03.07.2018


An isolate that was identified by a combination of characteristics as a bacterium of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens G has been isolated from clay samples of Belarusian deposits as a result of screening. Nutrient media for the preferential accumulation of specific metabolites (organic acids or polysaccharides) were selected; the quantitative and qualitative compositions of acids and exopolysaccharides were studied; the role of individual metabolites in changing of the dispersity, surface and technological properties of clay was assessed; and parameters for obtaining bacterial preparation were determined. A technological scheme of the bacterial treatment of clays with different initial properties was developed. The use of the preparation of B. amyloliquefaciens G bacteria at JSC «Belkhudozhkeramika» plant made it possible to establish a number of advantages of these bacteria over an already used preparation of B. mucilaginosus 4: the technological properties of the slip (fluidity, coefficient of thickening) changed so that it becomes possible to reuse it after the first ceramic shard is set; a reduction in the air linear shrinkage of the samples after calcination and an increase in their mechanical strength were observed; and B. amyloliquefaciens G is required in lower amounts than B. mucilaginosus 4. Lying of clay treated by the B. amyloliquefaciens G bacterial preparation had a positive effect on the plastic characteristics of pottery.

clay, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, bacterial preparation, ceramic slurry, water absorption, plasticity number.