Vol 33(2017) N 6 p. 77-82; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2017-33-6-77-82
I.V. Amosova, V.Z. Krivitskaya, T.A. Timoshicheva*, E.V. Sorokin, and E.R. Petrova

New Monoclonal Antibodies for Immunofluorescence Diagnosis of Respiratory Syncytial Infection

The Research Institute for Influenza, Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation, 197376, St-Petersburg Russia

Received - 01.06.2017; Accepted - 29.06.2017


The work has been focused on the study of the diagnostic properties of new monoclonal antibodies to the RSV F-protein in immunofluorescence analysis for the further development of diagnostic tests for the RSV detection on their basis. The specific activity of MAb against RSV-A (strains Long and A2) and RSV-B (strain 9320) was investigated in IF. Based on the results of the investigation, MAbs with high specificity to both genetic groups of RSV were selected. The application of these MAbs to the development of diagnostic test systems will significantly improve the laboratory supervision of the RSV circulation in Russia.

respiratory syncytial virus, diagnosis, monoclonal antibodies, immunofluorescence.

The work was performed within a framework of the State Assignment on the study of Molecular Biological Characteristics of Current Strains of Respiratory Syncytial Virus.