Vol 33(2017) N 6 p. 68-76; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2017-33-6-68-76
I.I. Novikova1*, Yu.A. Titova1**, I.V. Boikova1, V.N. Zeiruk2, and I.L. Krasnobayeva1

Biological Efficiency of New Biopreparations based on Antagonistic Microbes in Control of Potato Pathogens during Plant Vegetation and Tuber Storage

1The All-Russian Research Institute for Plant Protection (VIZR), 196608, St.-Petersburg Russia
2The Lorch All-Russian Research Institute of Potato Farming (VNIIKKh), 140051, Kraskovo settl., Luberetskii Region, Moskovskaya Oblast Russia

Received - 20.03.2017; Accepted - 15.05.2017


High biological efficiency of new biopreparations of the basis of antagonistic microbes of Bacillus subtilis (strains I5-12/23, V-10, and М-22) и Trichoderma asperellum (strains Т-32 and Т-36) against populations of potato disease causes during plant vegetation (50-79%) and tuber storage (79-87%) has been shown. The biological efficiency of the anti-blight multiconversion biologicals was practically preserved after 18 months of storage (33-76%). The economic efficiency of the new preparations reached 109,4%. It was shown that their use makes it possible to increase in the harvest of standard potato commercial fraction by 5-7 t/ha. A technology for obtaining and application of new ecologically safe biopreparations that provide the enhancement of potato resistance to diseases and decrease in tuber sensitivity to the pathogens during vegetation and long-term storage was developed.

biological efficiency of biopreparations, biologicals for potato protection from diseases, antagonistic microbes, preparative forms, multiconversion biologicals