Vol 33(2017) N 6 p. 4-11; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2017-33-6-04-11
E.V. Starostina1, E.A. Borobova1,2*, L.I. Karpenko1, A.A. Ilyichev1, and S.I. Bazhan1

Therapeutic Vaccines against Melanoma

1The State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology Vector, 630559, Kol'tsovo, Novosibirskaya Oblast Russia
2The Meshalkin Siberian Federal Biomedical Research Center, 630055, Novosibirsk Russia

Received - 17.04.2017; Accepted - 31.05.2017


Melanoma is the most aggressive and dangerous skin cancer. The effectiveness of the melanoma treatment is low due to the early metastasis and resistance to the conventional therapy. Melanoma is high immunogenic tumor owing to the presence of the cancer antigens on the cell surface. It gives hope for the creation of an effective therapeutic vaccine or the development of effective immunotherapeutic strategy using the latest achievements in molecular immunology and cell technologies. The individual cancer antigens and whole tumor cells can be used for the design of anti-melanoma vaccines. DNA vaccines are a very attractive direction in the immunotherapy of melanoma. Since these strategies have shown encouraging results in clinical trials, the review focuses on various approaches to the development of therapeutic melanoma vaccines.

melanoma, therapeutic vaccines, cellular vaccines, peptide vaccines, DNA vaccines, polyepitope vaccines, neoantigen-based vaccines.

The work was supported by the Federal Program «Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation for the Period until 2020 and beyond», Contract No. 14.N08.12.0067.