Vol 33(2017) N 5 p. 35-44; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2017-33-5-35-44
V.A. Zlenko1, V.V. Likhovskoy1*, V.A. Volynkin1, P.A. Khvatkov3,4, I.A. Vasylyk1, and S.V. Dolgov2,3,4

Induction of in vitro Somatic Embryogenesis in Grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) of Domestic and Foreign Breeding

1The All-Russian National Research Institute for Viticulture and Wine-Making Magarach (VNIIViV Magarach), Russian Academy of Sciences, 298600 Yalta Russia
2The Shemyakin-and-Ovchinnikov Institute for Bioorganic Chemistry, Pushchino Branch (FIBKh), Russian Academy of Sciences, 142290, Pushchino, Moskovskaya Oblast Russia
3The Order of the Red Banner of Labor Nikitsky Botanical Garden - National Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, 298648 Yalta Russia
4The All-Russian Research Institute for Agricultural Biotechnology, 127550, Moscow Russia

Received - 02.03.2017; Accepted - 25.07.2017


Fundamental schemes and individual characteristics of subculturing of proembryogenic calluses, suspensions and somatic embryos of 4 previously unstudied table grapes varieties, Ruta, Sphinx, Sultana grape E-342 and Interlaken seedless, and two wine grapes varieties, Podarok Magaracha and Bianca, have been found out. The Sphinx, Ruta and Interlaken seedless grapes massively formed embryoids on the NN medium as a result of the three-stage embryogenesis induction. Bianca, Podarok Magaracha and Sultana grape E-342 varieties formed embryoids and shoots on the PG medium as a result of a two-stage induction of embryogenesis. The development of embryoids in all studied varieties occurred using 2,4-D and 6-BAP in various concentrations. Alternative supplements, TDZ, NOA and PVP, suggested by a number of researchers had no positive effect on the induction of somatic embryogenesis.

embryoids, grapes, growth regulators, in vitro, phenylalanine, suspension culture.

The work was partly supported by a Grant of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Republic of Crimea (Project 16-44-910584/16 and Contract 755/2016, December 12,2016) and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (Regional Grant 16-44-910584 r_a) (the Republic of Crimea). The State Registration Number Center of Information Technologies and Systems (SRN CITandS) is АААА-А16-116122810057-2).