Vol 33(2017) N 5 p. 23-34; DOI 10.21519/0234-2758-2017-33-5-23-34
A.N. Somov*, T.B. Kravchenko, V.M. Pavlov, G.M. Vakhrameeva, T.I. Kombarova, R.I. Mironova, V.V. Firstova, O.V. Kalmantaeva, S.S. Vetchinin, and A.N. Mokrievich

Antigenic and Immunogenic Characteristics of Dissolved, Adsorbed and Microencapsulated Formulations of Acid-Insoluble Complex from Francisella tularensis 15 NIIG Strain

The State Research Center for Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 142279, Obolensk, Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia

Received - 27.12.2016; Accepted - 10.05.2017


The results of the assessment of antigenic and immunogenic characteristics of acid-insoluble antigenic complex (AIAC) using experimental tularemia in mice as a model are represented. The AIAC preparations were isolated from the Francisella tularensis 15 NIIEG vaccine strain and were then subjected to the adsorption on or microencapsulation in solid carriers. Proteins, nucleic acids and lipopolysaccharides occurred in the complex in a mass percentage ratio of 49:25:5. Six immunodominant proteins were found in the AIAC, three of which were presented in higher concentration due to the selective extraction of these components during the isolation. The immunization of line BALB/c mice with acid-insoluble antigen complex in the form of colloid solution or as solid particulate formulations (as microcapsules or adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide gel) was capable of properly inducing the humoral immune response. However, the obtained response was not sufficient to fully protect mice from the natural F. tularensis strain infection owing to the weak specific activation of the immune system cellular component.

acid-insoluble antigen complex, aluminum hydroxide gel, F. tularensis, microencapsulation, subunit vaccine.

The work was performed within the NIR 048 framework «Studies on the Pathogenesis and Immunogenesis Mechanisms of the Tularemia Infection and Monitoring of the Agent Circulation in the Separate Regions of the RF», a part of the Rospotrebnadzor Research Program for 2016-2020 «The Problem-Oriented Scientific Studies in the Area of the Epidemiological Control of the Infectious and Parasitic Diseases».